CCT Event Manager tips - Guest emails

March 2016

CCT Event Manager tips - Guest emails

When we designed the CCT Event Manager, we thought long and hard about how we could help make some of the key aspects of organising an event easier. One area that we looked at, and have recently improved in an update to the Event Manager system, is the inclusion of bulk email facilities to help you distribute key information to your delegates. And even better, it is completely free.

Getting started…

When you are adding bookings to your event on Event Manager, make sure you enter the delegates email addresses. We suggest adding an email address to at least the first guest within each booking, but you can also add email addresses for secondary guests if you have them. If you capture this information on your booking form and enter it when you first add a booking it shouldn’t take a minute, and will be a massive help later.

To access the email functions within CCT Event Manager, log in to your account and go to the “Manage Bookings” screen. Then on the left hand side, click on the blue button that says “Email Guests”.

We’ve created a number of helpful templates to get you started for some of the common tasks that are used. We’ll explain what each of them are in a minute. After you select a template, you’ll get the option to enter a subject, message and optionally add an attachment. When you click the send button at the bottom, the email will be queued for delivery.

Because you may be sending lots of emails, depending on how big your event is, your emails will be queued and sent out gradually. They’ll normally all be sent within 30 minutes, but if it takes a little longer don’t be alarmed.

Now about those templates

Send payment reminder to delegates with payments outstanding
If you are keeping track of payments through Event Manager, this template lets you write an email to all delegates who have a total price set, but haven’t yet paid the full amount. Perfect for sending a polite reminder that payments are due. Event Manager will give you some sample text but you can change it to anything you want.

Send programme to all delegates
Often event organisers wish to send a programme or timetable to delegates attending an event. This email will go to all delegates registered for your event. Simply customise the text and select an attachment to add to the email.

Send travel directions to all delegates
If your delegates are organising their own travel, they need to know how to get to the centre. The suggested text on this email will automatically include a link to the travel directions on our website for the centre your event is booked at.

Send site plan to all delegates
If you’ve told guests which bedroom they are booked into in advance, or you want them to get a feel for the layout of the centre, this template includes a link to a site plan for the centre your event is booked at.

Request feedback from all delegates
After your event is over you can still log in to CCT Event Manager and make use of this facility to request feedback from guests. Ask anything you want in the email, maybe include a link to a survey on your website, or through a free service like Survey Monkey.

Send your own message to all delegates
This gives you a completely blank option that you can use for anything you like to contact your delegates. Time to get creative!

Send your own message to a selection of delegates
As above, but this option shows a list of all the guests registered on your event. Simply tick the ones you want to email. Select All and Deselect All options are available on the right hand side. If you want to email most of your guests, click this option first and then untick the ones you don’t want to email.

Finding out more

These are just a few of the ways you can make use of this flexible and free facility within CCT Event Manager. If you would like further information, please contact our team on 0300 111 4444, email, or complete our online enquiry form.

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