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The Chapel Barn: A place of prayer and reflection

Built in 1924 as part of a legacy from the Barclay family, the Chapel at High Leigh originally stood in a walled garden away from the main house as a place of worship and prayer. In the intervening years, the conference centre has grown up around it, with car parks, accommodation blocks and meeting spaces now surrounding the building.

As part of our current restoration project, the Chapel Barn will be returned to its original use when not booked by a group, being used as a space of quiet prayer and reflection for all delegates visiting High Leigh.

Though the Chapel Barn no longer looks like an agricultural building or rural church, it does retain many of its original architectural features. Wooden beams still support the ceiling, the roof shape still reflects the building’s origins as a barn chapel and most of the windows are still in their original positions. This continuity helps to create a truly unique atmosphere within the barn and makes it the perfect space for prayer, reflection and relaxation.

Old photos of the Chapel Barn


As the Chapel Barn boasts a wealth of period features and architectural quirks, it was decided that, rather than renovating the space using modern aesthetics, it would be restored with consideration to its history and heritage. The work that’s currently underway will bring out many of the building's most beautiful features, including its timber frame and vaulted ceiling.  This will enhance the building’s aesthetics and help to make it a very special place to be.

When the work is completed, not only will the Chapel Barn be a well-equipped, multi-functional meeting and event space, it will also be a peaceful, beautiful and welcoming building where delegates can relax and reflect.

New Chapel barn development

A versatile and adaptable space

As one of the centre’s main meeting spaces, groups visiting High Leigh will be able to use the Chapel Barn to hold their own prayer or worship services and meetings, meaning that once again the building will be used for its originally-intended purpose. From hosting corporate events to private parties and training days to prayer meetings, the Chapel Barn has been designed to provide High Leigh with a useful and flexible space.

When it’s not being used for organised events, the Chapel Barn will be open for delegates staying at High Leigh to use and explore. A lovely place to pray, reflect and relax, once complete, the Chapel Barn will provide an extra indoor area for quiet contemplation and prayer.

With a history stretching back almost 100 years, a unique aesthetic and a truly special feel, the Chapel Barn is an integral part of CCT’s High Leigh Conference Centre. If you’re looking for a self-contained event space, or if you just want a venue for a quiet day of reflection, the Chapel Barn will be opening in July 2017 and could be the perfect choice for you. Contact a member of the CCT team today to find out more.  

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