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A taste of Summer at The Hayes

At The Hayes, we are justifiably proud of the food we serve. Like all of our conference venues, The Hayes is dedicated to serving high quality meals that are packed full of fresh ingredients and prepared with care and diligence. We know that after a long day of team building or seminars, a satisfying meal is the one thing on most of our guests’ minds.

Over the winter months, the team at The Hayes served up a range of seasonal cuisine using locally sourced ingredients for many of the dishes. Now, with summer fast approaching and the weather warming, what better time to introduce a taster of our new summer menu containing a range of fresh, seasonal recipes.

Fresh Soups

A homemade soup of the day will be on offer on selected menus throughout the summer. Made from fresh ingredients and carefully prepared by our in-house team of chefs, the soup will be served with a crusty bread roll.


A choice of mains will be available, ensuring there’s plenty to keep everyone’s taste buds happy. Sample the delicious tuna pasta bake, Boursin stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, cod steaks with lemon and parsley sauce or chicken stroganoff with herby penne pasta. Different dishes will be served throughout the week giving you a variety of meals during your stay.


Every day there will be a vegetarian option on our menu. Dig into an indulgent cheese and potato bake, fuel up on a veggie chilli con carne with rice or go for something lighter with a jacket potato with various choices of fillings.


A choice of side dishes is available throughout the week, allowing you to tailor your meal to suit your taste and your appetite. Sides available at The Hayes this summer include buttered sweetcorn, broccoli gratin, mashed potato and a fresh selection of salad from our salad bar, along with a choice of sliced meats and cheeses.


If you’ve still got room for dessert, you’re in for a treat – quite literally! Depending on the day, you’ll be able to tuck into either a gluten free mango and passionfruit cheesecake, baked rice pudding and jam, a gluten and dairy free Alabama fudge cake or gluten free carrot cake. If none of these take you fancy, we have a selection of assorted sliced melons   and servings of fresh fruit salad.

Not only do we serve fresh and, where possible, locally sourced produce, we can adapt our menu to tailor your needs. We honour our variety of clients’ cultures and traditions, and will endeavour to follow those traditions with the menu choices available.

To find out more about the food on offer at The Hayes, or to learn what else the centre has to offer, take a look around our site or contact a member of our team.

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