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High Leigh Chapel Barn progress report

If you’re a regular visitor to our news bulletins or our High Leigh conference venue, you’ll know that we are currently refurbishing the Chapel Barn. Once complete, the building will offer a self-contained event space complete with facilities. With work well underway, we thought now would be a great time for a progress report so you can see exactly what’s happening at High Leigh, our Hertfordshire conference centre.


The inside of the Chapel Barn has now been opened up to create one large space. Internal walls have been removed and it’s now possible to see the old elm boards and the original wooden frame of the building. As the original posts of the building are structurally sound, they won’t need to be replaced, allowing us to retain one of the chapel’s key original features. We are also able to keep the charming dormer windows which, with a little restoration, will become a key feature in the building’s new design.


With conferences and events taking place throughout the year, heating is a very important element of the Chapel Barn’s design. To ensure all of the delegates that use the space are comfortable, we’ve installed underfloor heating. Efficient and environmentally friendly, the underfloor heating will ensure the Chapel Barn is always warm on those days when it’s not so warm outside.


The new extension to the Chapel Barn has now been completed and the roofing finished. The extension will house the new kitchen, the refreshment area, the toilets and a storeroom. As the kitchen and servery will allow the Chapel Barn to host catered events and provide a self-contained event space, this is a crucial part of the new development.

Chapel barn changes april 2017


Restoration work continues on the exterior of the building, improving its aesthetics and helping to preserve the original structure. A new ramp will soon be installed, making the space accessible to all of the delegates who use our venue.

Landscaping of the area outside the Chapel Barn is also well underway. The old parking area is being replaced with a new paved courtyard complete with seating, planted flowerbeds and decorative trees. This paved area will connect the Chapel Barn with the main building, allowing visitors easier access between the two.

On schedule

Thanks to our hard-working team of architects and builders, work on the Chapel Barn is currently on schedule. As conferences and events are still taking place in other areas of the venue, the team working on the renovation are of course keeping the area clean, clear and tidy, minimising the impact on the rest of the centre. The construction area is clearly marked, allowing visitors to move easily around the site with minimal disruption.

With everything running smoothly, work on the Chapel Barn is due to be completed in the summer. To find out more about the renovations or to book High Leigh for an event of your own, contact a member of our team today.

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