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October 2019


At CCT, one of the top feedback comments we receive is how great, helpful and welcoming our staff teams are. We love to serve your conferences and we are so pleased we can make a difference to your events.

Our sales and bookings team are usually the first point of contact for all new and existing bookings; they are experts at dealing with your booking enquiries, helping to confirm your event, managing our online Event Manager system and helping with any questions leading up to your event. We took some time to chat to them about their role and who they are, so you can get to know them more too!

We have Josh, Mandy, Marianna, Robin and Yolandi…

What does your role involve at CCT?

Robin, Mandy, Marianna and Josh - As a sales and booking executive, I am responsible for answering all sales telephone calls and e-mails along with web based sales enquiries. I help people with their enquiries; looking at availability for their events. I place bookings onto our system and liaise with groups about options and details so that we can work together to make their conference a success. Part of my job includes showing people around the centre and liaising with the operations teams efficiently to ensure every conference and event is successful.

Yolandi - My main role is to ensure that booking contracts are send out and returned in a timely manner.

How long have you worked at CCT?

Robin - I joined CCT in Sept 2018, time really flies.

Mandy - I started in May 2019 as one of the newer members of the sales and bookings team.

Yolandi - Two years

Marianna - 4 weeks, I’m the newbie to the sales and bookings team.

Josh - I started at High Leigh at the beginning of July 2018, then moved to The Hayes in May 2019

What do you enjoy most about working at CCT?

Robin - I love so many things about CCT: The people are great. I feel that my work really matters – being a Christian myself and having been to a variety of church conferences I know how rewarding they can be, and providing the facilities for groups to run such events at our venues is a privilege. I also love the surroundings; being able to work in such a beautiful place is great.

Mandy - There are so many things I love about working for CCT; the people I work with everyday are the absolute best and I’m always blown away by how beautiful the grounds are within.

Yolandi - Meeting people from different walks of life and learning more about the fast number of Christian denominations.

What do you think makes a conference most successful? Any tips?

Mandy - It’s all in the planning! There are so many things to co-ordinate for a conference that my biggest tip would be to allow plenty of time. Depending on the size of the conference, it is not uncommon to start planning well over a year in advance. Not only does this length of time provide further flexibility in dates and venues, but also more time to promote the event to maximise delegate uptake.

Marianna - I believe communication and organisation to be the key to success.

Josh - Our venues can be extremely busy; in my experience, the most successful conferences are the ones with the best communication between our teams and the organisers of attending groups. This helps our teams continue to provide the highest quality of service.

What do you like most about your colleagues?

Robin – I love the team that I work in. Since we’re a small sales team we get to know each other quite well so the atmosphere in the office is really good. We help each other out, bouncing ideas around and enjoying our work together.

Mandy - Our entire team, work in an extremely busy environment where no two days are ever the same and yet, they all show passion and enthusiasm for work and life. They are intuitive and thoughtful and will always be there to offer a hand and contribute towards any challenge that I may bring to them! Many of the [wider operations] team have worked for CCT for several years and so their expertise is peerless in knowing the little things which make the biggest impact on the experience our guests receive during an event.

Yolandi - We can all have a good laugh together but at the same time get our heads down and get the job done.

Marianna - The level of professionalism and confidence they have when dealing with our clients. They are brilliant teachers for me to learn from as they encourage and motivate me to be the best I can be.

Josh - All my colleagues are extremely supportive, unless I’ve just told a truly awful joke.

Left to Right: Marianna, Robin, Josh, Mandy and Josie (Marketing)

Do you have a favourite area of the conference centre that you enjoy spending time in?

Robin - I am based at our High Leigh centre in Hertfordshire. I love to go and sit down by our lake and enjoy the stillness on my lunch break sometimes. It’s a great place for our guests to come for prayer or quiet reflection.

Marianna – I always look forward to visiting our two restaurants at The Hayes as their food always tastes delicious and the variety of food they have on offer is great.

Yolandi - When I get a few minutes to walk around the grounds at High Leigh I do like the lake area with it’s tranquil atmosphere.

What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

Robin - I love to make music. I play guitar and I sing. Most of the time it’s with the church band but I’ve also written a few of my own songs too.

Marianna - My family originate from Cyprus and I am fluent in speaking Greek Cypriot. This is because I attended a Greek school every Saturday throughout my childhood as well as visiting my family in Cyprus every year ever since I can remember. 

Josh - No matter where I am, or what time of day it is, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that at any given time I will have no idea which way North is.

Coffee or tea?

Mandy - Coffee; because chocolate doesn’t make tea taste better!

Yolandi – Definitely coffee

Marianna - Both! I need multiple cups of tea in the morning and coffee to get me through the afternoon.

What’s your favourite food?

Robin - Pizza

Mandy – Chocolate

Yolandi – Pasta

Josh – I recently learned to make quality ramen, so let’s go with that!

What did you do before joining CCT?

Robin - Before CCT I used to work as an usher in a cinema; I was the guy selling the refreshments and tickets. Most of it was straight forward, but you would get some interesting requests for food combinations; one gentleman asked for Jalapenos on his ice cream, not exactly what I meant when I asked if he wanted a hot topping.

Mandy - I’ve worked in various roles in hospitality for over 10 years, both in the UK and overseas. Prior to this, I was a Guest Services Manager at a non for-profit outdoor adventure centre in the Peak District, Derbyshire.

Yolandi – I worked in the banking industry

Marianna - I worked in lettings on the accounts department for a couple of years and prior to this, I studied Events Management at Sheffield Hallam University for 4 years. I chose to opt for a sandwich course which meant I worked in the events industry for 12 months between my second and final year and had the opportunity to travel Europe putting on events for hundreds of people.

Josh - Previously I was a welcome assistant at Chatsworth House on weekends, and a Cavern Guide at The Heights of Abraham in Matlock in the week.

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